Taylor Ellis is “Preparing Student Athletes To Win!”

“If what you do is so valuable, patent it, but then share what you can so that we may evolve.” -Taylor Ellis

“Preparing Student Athletes To Win!” Released, Free for a limited time on Kindle.

What happens when we challenge our beliefs about the role high school sports programs should play in the preparation of college ready student athletes? It seems like a no brainer answer, but if you look at the quality and disparity among high school sports programs, students aren’t getting what they deserve.

High school sports programming can and should have a tremendous impact on student athletic and academic success. Now that student athletes can capitalize on their brand in college, they have a greater chance and risk of not focusing on what’s important to have long term success and a sustainable future.

Now more than ever, student athletes need our schools to become true preparation programs. Unfortunately, this is not an area that is prioritized by administrator preparation programs. Thus, we see all types of athletic programs, many lacking some fundamental components that could greatly increase a high school athletes acceptance rate into college, their persistence and overall long-term value.

In PREPARING STUDENT ATHLETES TO WIN!: Shift school culture by creating a school sports program that prepares students for college  Taylor Ellis is challenging us to learn some fundamentals about sports programming and demanding that we join the greater school community to create sports programs that attend to the whole student. In this guide, there is a role for every parent, community, counselor, teacher, administrator, coach, and the student.

Taylor Ellis has served in leadership and education in Chicago, Illinois for 18 years. She writes from her experience as a leadership coach, a high school principal, an athletic director, sports coach and player, and digital publisher. Her desire is to combine those experiences to offer resources that will help to provide more equitable, and ultimately profitable, experiences for students.

PREPARING STUDENT ATHLETES TO WIN! is an intentional no-fluff short read. It was written to help schools quickly and efficiently build a community that supports student athletes. In so doing, they will also create a school culture that embraces values such as equity, developing identity, and character among other things. With this book, we no longer have to wait for school leaders to figure it out. If everyone in the community is talking about the fundamentals, we can significantly reduce the amount resources wasted figuring things out and reinvest in our students.

This book is also available on Audible.


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