The Shift You Need To Make To Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketers are researchers, creators, and learners.  These are excellent traits to have because the field also requires patience and tenacious action.  I know it is not what you hoped to hear.  After all affiliate marketing is supposed to produce opportunities to “passively” make money.  Right?


The only thing passive about affiliate marketing is the content that you share in your affiliate marketing territory map. You can learn more about the importance of building out your affiliate marketing territory map with my free guide on “How To Increase Your Online Presence”.

Your online territory is used to establish credibility for your brand and it is a blueprint for how you begin to drive traffic to your site. 

For example,  let’s say your audience is in the e-commerce niche and they want to know about e-commerce stores.  You search “e-commerce stores and top blogs”, read the types of questions people have and then provide answers with deep value – not spammy surface responses. In your response, you leave a link to your site or resource.  Now, that post is out there forever being viewed and hopefully shared. 

Another strategy and example of this is creating youtube content.  In your title and description you add the appropriate tags for your niche and links to your offer or page.  Once the video is up, if the content is good, you will get views, subscribers shares and likes.  

Unfortunately, that is about as passive as it gets. 

Top affiliate markets know these basics.  If you plan to compete in this business and make money, you have to become good at many things.  The act of constantly learning new skills, adjusting your content to meet customer needs,  learning to pixelate your ads and pages, learning responsive marketing strategies, etc... none of this is passive.  

Your business is multi-layered and most affiliate marketers fail once they realize this because they expect to implement one strategy and be successful.  Completing a territory map will remind you of what you should be doing. Gone are the days of set it and forget it with affiliate marketing.

That’s why I often write about mindsets and shared the guides that I believe all affiliate marketers need to read. Affiliate marketers have a varied skillset that if you can master a few of them, you can expand your business to all kinds of self-employed opportunities.

Here are a few more things I want you to know. 

Wait don’t get nervous.  Trust me.  These things aren’t that difficult to learn. The sooner you begin to learn them, the faster you will rise to the top of the affiliate marketing leader boards. Yes, that is a real thing.

Below you will find the topics and clicking those topics will take you to the free guides, free reports, webinar or a site that you can get more information. The great thing about these resources is you get a lot of information. ON THE OTHER HAND….

….Warning, as an affiliate marketer, you must be able to research with reservation. Remember, do not get baited into the shinny object. If you watch or read something and you are not clear how it will fit into your business, look away from the light!

My saying is “Always Be Learning”. Not “Always Be Buying”.

Eventually, I will cover each of these, but for now….why wait?

Niche Identification and Research: Great Resource from a woman who survived a stroke at an early age. She now makes a living in e-commerce.

Content (Copy) Writing: Next, I want you to meet Rebecca. She has taken copywriting to another level. She explains how she became an online content writer and uses those skills across multiple opportunities.

Increasing Your Online Presence: I talked about this above.

Content and Email Marketing: CAUTION. Ben Settle is not for the faint of heart. He is going to initially talk about 10-minute work day, but remember what I told you, You Gotta Put That Work In First. However, I am sharing this with you because on his page he is telling you about so many pieces of the business and how to leverage them differently. If you understand everything, you may want to give him a shot. Personally, I learned so much from his course.

List Building & Getting More Subscribers: More subscribers (a list) means a growing income or business. List building is important, no matter what business you’re in. This free guide will give you 100 QUICK TIPS TO GENERATE MORE SUBSCRIBERS.

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