Welcome to the Moonlightingpreneur Life!

Welcome to the Moonlightpreneur Life!

My goal is to get you thinking about how you use your spare-time and resources differently and more efficiently. We all have a burning desire to create and contribute. I believe it is our responsibility.

My passion is to help people leverage their experience to showcase their life’s work in a manner that revolutionizes their field and enhances lives. I want as many people as possible, who are closest to work, talking about “How we do things” and creating massive change grounded in their experiences.

I hope the educational information on this site motivates people to consider how we can use the internet as a resource to enhance our lives, the lives of others and build legacies.

If I inspire one ah-ha moment, then I’ve done my job. Your job is to then take action.

Creativity is intelligence having fun.”-Albert Einstein